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New Contract Awarded

I’ve been recently awarded with a new ANP project Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in Afghanistan. Hydrological and Communication Plans have also been awarded within the same contract number. Client’s project ID information cannot be provided due to security reasons.

My role consists of Designining, writing and delivering the EMP, Hydrological and Communication Plan following the ToR of the Client. The EMP includes the following areas:

An erosion and sediment control plan which identifies the type and location of the erosion and sediment controls to be provided. The plan shall include monitoring and reporting requirements to assure that the control measures are effective.

Measures for marking the limits of use areas including methods for protection of features to be preserved within authorized work areas.

Spill Control plan shall include the procedures, instructions, and reports to be used in the event of an unforeseen spill of a hazardous material.

An air pollution control plan detailing how trash is disposed of without debris burning.

A non-hazardous solid waste disposal plan identifying methods and locations for solid waste disposal including clearing debris.

A contaminant prevention plan that identifies potentially hazardous substances to be used on the job site and identifies the intended actions to prevent introduction of such materials into the air, water, or ground.

A hazardous waste plan that identifies potentially hazardous waste that may be generated by the project.

A waste water management plan that identifies the methods and procedures for management and/or discharge of waste waters which are directly derived from construction activities.

A plan that defines procedures for identifying and protecting historical, archaeological, cultural resources known to be on the project site.

More information upon request.



Passionate about Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Geology, Project and Business Management. Global and commercial acumen. IT literated.


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