Who I am & Academics

FotoJP_Octubre2012Beside my professional background which you can easily follow-up throughout this blog I have a very active and rich academic performance.

I’ve been raised in a family leaded by a doctor (father) and a psicologist (mom) who are and who have been my academic leads since I was a child. Still I admire them so much. They’ve got a real passion to study. While mom has focused on psicological and social sciences, dad did on medical and social too. They imbued me with their passion to study. Hence now I have a combined scientific and humanistic background from which 50% comes from each of my parents.

Following my parents’ passion to study I’ve commited myself to the investigation of any topic relevant to me. Starting from Geology Sciences in the early University times, through environmental engineering and then now to business management, I’ve gone through many different topics which have provided me with a unique and powerful tool to understand and solve complex problems involving not only technical issues but also people. Now I’m back to geology as I’m undertaking some courses on mining.

At the same time I’m a research fellow in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Faculty of Mines) where I’m conducting different research projects related to Stretegic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in land development and mining sectors. I expect to finish my thesis disertation by 2014.

You’ll wander where the hell I’m taking enough time to do it all? Work, study, research, take care of my kid and family…Yes, IT’S A HELL LOT OF WORK, but at the end of the day I’m quite happy and the effort is worth it.

Below you’ll have a quick view of the main organizations where I’ve studied in.

Logo ICOG Logo UB Logo EAE Logo UPC Logo UBC Col·legi de Geòlegs de Catalunya



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