Mining, Geological&Engineering training

Mine Planning – Strategy.  University of British Columbia. Authors: Dr.Micah Nehring Ph.D. (Co-Author)Dr.Sean Shafiee Ph.D. (Co-Author). “Mine Planning – Strategy introduces you to key mine planning concepts. The mine planning process is complex and integrates several technical branches of the mining discipline including rock mechanics, rock breakage, ventilation and mine design. While mine planners should endeavour to design and implement plans that are safe, environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable, the overriding factor in the success of a mining operation and what ultimately determines whether it will proceed through feasibility studies and onto construction and development is the level of profitability. The drive to exploit a mineral resource such that it adds as much value as possible to the mining business requires a continual update of the mine plan and the rapid implementation of any value adding opportunities as they arise”.

Certification in this course is eligible for credit towards a Certificate in Mining Studies from leading mining universities (UBC – UA).

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Geomodeller3D. 25h practical course. GeoModeller is a software tool for 3D geological modelling. For building complex, steady state, 3D geology models – and performing forward & inverse geophysical modelling directly from solid 3D geology.

Comprising a Geological Editor, Drill hole & grids/meshes management, Forward & inverse geophysics modules to manage and interpret your entire exploration, geothermal or engineering project.

The geophysical modelling module of GeoModeller allows you to compute the gravity and magnetic response of your geological model, and refine the model further using stochastic inversion techniques.


Mining. 120h blended course which includes a general overview of mining from exploration and mineral deposits to mining development, geotechnical, environmental and social topics.


Hydrology with HEC-HMS software (USACE). This course enables the student to undertake hydrological studies, flow rate and runoff risk modeling and reporting. It combines hydrological theory with real live examples from construction and mining sectors.


Side earth pressure and retaining structures. Course organized by the Catalan Board of Geologists.


MSc in health and safety management. This is a master course with over 600h taught classes that enable students to work as Safety Manager. Spanish professional title. This training is construction and mining focused..

MSc in Environmental Engineering and Management. 420h classes + 65h training master degree with a focus on EIA, waste management, water engineering and management, pollution prevention and control, environmental law, environmental economics.

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