Who I am & Projects


Over 16 years experience with a long consulting, mining, construction and industrial sectors track record. Strong combined technical and managerial skills which allow me to handle any kind of project no matter complexity or scale.

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On the ground experience in following practices:

Geotechnical field surveying including geotechnical cartography, borehole drilling, STP, CPTU, pore pressure control, Menard, geophysical surveying and interpretation (Spain, Afghanistan);

Geological exploration: alluvial and kimberlitic diamonds, alluvial gold (Guinea);

Geoenvironmental investigation including piezometres development, slug test, pump test, PID, remediation techniques such as permeable barriers, electroosmosys, etc. (Spain, Portugal);

ESIA: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in dimension stone quarry projects (Spain);

SEA: Strategic Environmental Assessment for FWC cooperation development projects (Paraguay, Chile, Zambia, Zwaziland, Spain). SEA researcher (UPC, Barcelona);

Quality and Environmental Management Systems (EMS): implememtation and audit of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 based management systems (Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan);

My main professional goal is to achieve a high responsibility levels in an international world class company witin mining or consulting sectors.

Please click on the map below to have a quick overview of different locations I’ve been working in. Note that locations are practice-specific coloured.

Professional Performance Map


Managerial skills

❶ Broad international experience managing small to large teams of professionals within construction, mining and consulting environments;

7 years General management experience within Geoconsulting and Mining sectors;

L&P responsibilities, KPI monitoring skills;

❹ Strong marketing and commercial acumen;

❺ Strong communications skills in 3 different languages;

❻ Strong strategic plan development and implementation capabilities under any political and regulatory environments including America, Asia and Africa.


Technical skills

❶ Broad understanding of the whole mining cycle from exploration to mine closure;

❷ Sound geotechnical skills within construction and mining sectors;

Very strong environmental assessment and management working knowledge;

Project Management experience under extreme working environments including post-conflict countries, Africa and Latin America;

Deep EU policy and technical regulations working knowledge;

Consulting experience in industrial, construction, mining and B2P sectors.



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