Stream 3 – Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Projects

Geotechnical Investigation and Assessment Projects

  • Geotechnical slope stability assessment in several dimension stone quarries. Balearic Island and Catalonia. This set of projects consisted of analyzing slope stability parameters and modeling slopes throughout the construction of several dimension stone mines. Slope®, Orient® and GeoRock® software was used;
  • Hydrological study. Afghan National Police ANCOP Patrol Battalion construction project. Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The project consisted of providing VICC with hydrological design parameters for hydraulic infrastructures. ArcGis, HEC-HMS US CoE software used for hydraulic modellization purposes.
  • Rock mass stability assessment in the Oliola Tunnel project in Northern Catalonia. RQD analysis and rock mass stability reporting. Client: Acciona Ingeniería, SA.
  • Geotechnical field investigation and assessment: PV farm development projects within the UK. Geologist and drill rig team management, client liaison, technical direction (Project Management), geotechnical modeling, reporting and client delivery. Client: Grupotec UK, Ltd;
  • Slope stability assessment using Slope® and Orient® for a set of residential buildings. Vallirana (Barcelona, Spain). A 6m high trench was excavated and slope stability analysis was consequently provided;
  • Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Site Investigation in the Barcelona Cargo Terminal (TCB). Drilling campaign design and execution, management of drilling operators and geologists, soil sampling and in situ testing with PID, piezometers construction and soil pollution behavior monitoring. Geophysical investigation using Georadar was conducted in order to identify underground structures which could affect foundation behavior. CPTU, DPSH, SPT techniques were used in the geotechnical investigation process. Client: TCB Group, SA
  • Empordà Golf Club geotechnical investigation and assessment, Girona (Spain). Design and implementation of the geotechnical investigation process including borehole drilling, CPTU, DPSH, SPT, soil and water sampling, piezometers construction and testing (in situ and lab). A thorough geotechnical report was delivered to the client including foundation design recommendations as well as bearing capacity and long term settlements modeling. Client: Empordà Golf Club;
  • Geotechnical field investigation and modeling for a set of resitential buildings within the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, from 8 to 20 storey;
  • Geotechnical investigation of a set of 4 residential buildings project. Borehole drilling, SPT, DPSH and Menard techniques were used. Reporting and client liaison. Client: Habitat Inmobiliaria, SA.

Geoenvironmental field investigation and assessment

  • Contaminated soil investigation and remediation in Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical manufacturer. Project Management, environmental modeling, risk assessment (RBCA); client liaison, reporting and client delivery. Client: Boehringer Ingelheim, SA
  • Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Investigation in a solid waste facility in Barcelona, Spain. The project included contaminated soil investigation by using drilling equipment, soil sampling and testing (PID) and hydrological modeling; risk assessment (RBCA®) considering the liking potential of wastes to neighboring towns. The project also included slope stability assessment in the waste slope front. Client: Auding Iberinsa.
  • Contaminated soil investigation in gas station facilities within the Catalonia region. Risk assessment (RBCA), DNAPL extraction, SVE and off-site soil treatment. Several clients.
  • Contaminated site investigation and remediation in an old industrial facility in Barcelona. Removing four old diesel tanks plus delivering soils contaminated with fuel to authorized solid wastes facility. Also chemical stabilization. Client: Habitat Inmobiliaria, SA.
  • Contaminated soil investigation for two large O&G refinery facilities in Portugal (Petrogal, Borealis). Project Management. Design and management of field activities including cost control and budgeting: borehole drillingsoil gasPIDpiezometerswater sampling and hydrological modeling. 


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