Stream 4: Business Development and Marketing

Support to the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan relating to the improvement of corporate, ISO and HRM standards”.  This is a European Commission Framework Contract won by the Transtec consortium. I am the Team Leader of the mission. The mission relates to enhancing institutional capacity, transparency and quality of Azerbaijani’s public sector and in particular of SAPSSI by adapting corporate and ISO standards as well as by improving competences of public officials through the HR department.

Guiter Mining, SARL interim General Management. I’ve been devoted to lead a team of 230 guinean and international professionals deployed to the GBenko concesion in Banankoro (Kerouane District, Guinea). I’ve helped the company professionalize according to international best management practices. Also I helped increase 18% productivity within a 7 months time spa.

Letsbonus international business development. I started two new branches in Colombia and Uruguay. I was in charge of administrative, technical and legal issues in both countries.

GMS Internacional, SL. I started GMS Internacional, SL back in 2007. This is a geotechnical and geoenvironmental consulting firm operating in the international arena. I had both technical and managerial responsibilities including business development and marketing, HR management, client liaison, financial management and geotechnical and environmental project management.

CMT and Water testing Lab Director. I was hired by VICC (Venco Imtiaz Construction Company) to start and lead the Construction Material and Water testing laboratory in Kabul, Afghanistan. Also, I started the geotechnical department and conducted several geotechnical assignments throughout Afghanistan.

VICC Marketing manager. I was appointed VICC’s Marketing manager leading a team of marketing and civil engineers professionals for bidding international funded projects. During that successful period I picked up over 35M USD worth construction contracts throughout Afghanistan for major contractors and international donnors (US Corps of Engineers, USAid, UNOPS…).

IGPS, SL geotechnical and environmental branch start up (Balearic Islands). I started the business in the Balearic Islands leading the new office and undertaking geotechnical and environmental projects. I was in charge of recruiting drilling operators, dealing with suppliers and liasing with clients as well as carrying out geotechncal and geoenvironmental reports.



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